A few days ago I entered my FIRST arena match. Well, not really, but first time I wasn’t carried through it one. We had a higher win rate than loss rate – that didn’t stop me from nerd raging.

“I have never been so angry at a video game” I said. Multiple times. Well, it was probably more of a yell. You know when vegeta says “it’s OVER 9000!!!!!” yeah, it sounded like that – actually, nevermind.

So… What made me mad (lol u mad bro?)

Death Knight

Death gripping me from casting a spell. Using that crazy AoE frost CC. Anti-Magic Shell / Anti Magic Zone after I cast Starfall. The ghoul stun. The fact that much less geared and unskilled DK’s can still crit me for 10K-13K damage through almost 800 resil.


Starfall… If only I had such an epic, crazy burst CD……………………………wait…


Aimed Shot. How is it that even allowed? I mean, come on. One of the best things of being a balance druid in PvP is being able to LoS an enemy and heal to full in a relatively short time, and Aimed Shot just takes that away. Oh! Also the way a BM hunter’s pet can do like 2K-3K DPS with Beastial Wrath. Getting frozen a second after I pop Starfall.But worst of all…the way that sometimes line of sight doesn’t apply to their bows, with arrows that can somehow pass through meter wide poles and still be moving at a dangerous speed.


Mages don’t really bother me too much. If they are arcane, they usually die too fast to be a problem. If their frost, they survive for quite a while but they lack so much burst/sustained damage that I can outheal them with just a few LoS tricks/HoTs & Nourish.

The only really annoying thing can happen if they are grouped with a healer. If they Iceblock at like 600 health and get fully healed in a few seconds by a paladin/disc priest, they usually win.


Kind of the same as a mage (meaning they don’t really bother me) except for…

Bubble. The two stuns they have. If a ret paladin is very geared, i can go from 100% to 0% health in less than 3 seconds. I’ve been told holy can be very annoying to deal with but I have yet to fight a good holy paladin in 2v2. Oh, and I hate how some holy paladins have the potential to put out 3K-5K burst DPS.


If it’s a disc priest and he/she is good, it’s very hard to win if the other team member can do at least moderate burst. PSYCHIC SCREAM!!! (basically any ability that can interrupt Starfall is very annoying) I hate fear. Mana burn. If a shadow priest is good, my health bar drops very, very fast. Penance makes me QQ. So does a 12K absorbing bubble, giving time for their health to be topped off before the spell falls off. Dispersion is annoying, that’s all I can really say.


Of all the classes. A rogue is my worst enemy. Ok, here comes the list…

Sapping Starfall/my team-mate. Vanish. Preparation and then another Vanish. Stun locking meh!!! Blinding me. CoS while I’m trying to finish them off (hehe, I’m just kidding. I never get to a point where I can finish them off) or Vanishing. Have I said I hate Vanish. I do. Evasion. Gouge. Sprinting away. Kicking my casts……..

……I hate Vanish.


Ghost Wolfs. An elemental shaman doing like 20K DPS for 2 seconds. Bloodlust. It should be banned, thrown into the sea, mauled by a shark (or do only bears maul?) spat out, mauled by a turtle, a shark, then a bear (again) and then given to druids. Purging my HoTs. Thunderstorming me…I have nothing to say about resto shamans…I’ve never actually fought one in arena.


A close second to rogues in my most hated classes.

Fear. Death Coil. Howl of Terror. Spell Locked by a Felhunter. Portaling out of LoS. Drain Life / Drain Mana. Shadowfury. Chaos Bolt. Affliction locks have crazy DoTs!! Getting silenced.


I know very little about warriors, so all I’m going to say is Bladestorm and getting charged every 2 seconds.

So that’s it! If your reading this and have anything of your own to add, please, put it in the comments 🙂


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